Positive WorldRX test for Alex Wurz with World RX Team Austria.

Alexander Wurz completed a very satisfying day of testing with World RX Team Austria driving the recently completed first 2017 MJP RXS 01 Supercar. Team owner Max Pucher also tested the car and was pleased by both the performance of the car as well as the progress that Alex made through the day during his 27 laps test program.

The name Wurz is a big one in Rallycross history, as Alex father Franz Wurz has been no less than three times European Rallycross Champion between 1976 to 1982. Now, nearly 40 years later his son Alex got behind the wheel of the latest evolution of modern WorldRX Supercars driving the 2017 MJP RXS 01 Supercar from World RX Team Austria which has competed very successfully in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2016.

“It was just fantastic to drive this car.  After my first few runs I worked it out quite nicely, especially how to rotate the car early into the corners with that massive power — it’s just super cool. I want to thank World RX Team Austria giving me that opportunity. I’m impressed and I anyway love rallycross, it’s as simple as that. I would love to do a few races in 2017 but it is all about the coming weeks then we will see what my schedule will allow.”

MAX PUCHER: (Team Owner, World RX Team Austria)
“Alex did great today. It was easy to see that he thoroughly enjoined driving our 2017 MJP RXS 01 Supercar. It was a pleasure to have him in our car and see what he could do with it. We hope that he can manage one or two races in with us in 2017 schedules permitting. Upcoming days and weeks are intense in terms of working out sponsorship and driver deals for the 2017 season. I am truly satisfied with our 2016 season but I do look forward to 2017 to compete again in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. However the configuration and drivers will look like I am certain that we will do very well.”

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