Another final and P4 for Kevin Eriksson and MJP Racing in Canada

 The RX track at Trois Rivieres is the fastest and tricky in the WRX Championship. But Eriksson and Scheider love it!

Trois Rivieres it is one of the most difficult tracks to drive due to very changing track conditions particularly with bad weather as this year. The start corner is one of the worst squeezes from high speed and there are two jumps and a nasty jokerlap with a dangerous re-entry. All that did not deter Timo Scheider and Kevin Eriksson who kept on pushing to top places in the qualifications and placed 6th and 7th after day 1. Both entered the semi finals and Eriksson had a fantastic start and with P3 a place in the final. Timo unfortunately missed the entry spots. Kevin Eriksson was able to hold on to a fourth place as technical trouble caught up with the manufacturers. The fourth place was a combination of great driving, team spirit, and good strategy.

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