Disappointment for MJP Racing Team Austria at Estering, WRX Round 11

Despite perfect preparation and zero technical problems, track conditions, weather lottery and the first corner roulette at Estering did not allow the team to succeed.

From the very first free practice the cars, setup and drivers were more ready than ever before this season. The hard luck started already with the Q1 lottery where Timo Scheider #44 got handed a pole position in race 1 which is the worst when wet. This verdict follows a driver from race to race. In Q2 again in race 2 on G5 and a horrible start. Sunday morning the track conditions were even worse due to massive rain during the night. Again a G5 in Q3 for a bad start and a lot of lost time in the deep mud of the joker lap. In Q4 Scheider posted top 3 lap times but caused by a radio failure he got held up in the final lap in joker lap traffic. Thus no semi finale.

Kevin Eriksson #96 fared a little better on the lottery and also struggled with the launch positions but still delivered top lap times both days. P9 overnight and a P4 in Q4 placed Kevin in row two of semi final 2. After a good start he was able to fight into third place for a finale slot. In lap two Kevin clipped the inside barrier in turn one trying to avoid to push the car in front and spun out, only to be broadsided by Loeb and Kristofferson who had nowhere to go. This ended the chances for a finale entry.

Both drivers slipped one place in the ranking and will do their best to recapture it in Cape Town.

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