Global Rallycross Launches GRC Champions Cup

MJP Racing to develop next-level rallycross racing vehicle to launch new series platform
worldwide in 2019

Los Angeles, CA and Vienna, Austria (March 1, 2018)
Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) and MJP Racing (MJP) announced today their partnership to develop the GRC Platinum class, using a one-design rallycross vehicle for launch in 2019. The partnership will also produce a European GRC series (GRC Europe) that will complement the series in the Americas (Red Bull GRC Americas). Each series will hold between 8-12 events in the 2019 season, with the top finishers from each series competing in a final GRC Champions Cup event.

The new Platinum class vehicle will utilize a tube frame chassis that is lighter and more agile than current Supercars, with a higher displacement engine promising performance and endurance never before seen in top-tier rallycross racing. By standardizing the chassis and using an engine with significantly greater longevity, both initial purchase price and running costs will be substantially lower than today. The series is open to manufacturers and privateers alike. The result will be fiercely competitive racing at a fraction of current cost to teams and sponsors that will propel the sport of rallycross to more drivers and a broader audience.

“The introduction of the GRC Platinum class positions the sport of rallycross for the future by creating an affordable, yet better performing, next-level vehicle,” says Red Bull GRC CEO Colin Dyne. “Our goal is to open up the competitive landscape to make it more accessible for drivers and teams to participate and showcase their driving skills. Plus, the addition of the GRC Champions Cup will bring together the best drivers from both continents to crown the ‘King of Rallycross’.”

“We share with GRC a strong belief and passion in rallycross,“ says Max J. Pucher, CEO of MJP Racing, “which brings together the know-how to produce excellent cars and an exciting race format. Each year we see many talented drivers and teams who simply cannot find the needed sponsors with huge budgets to compete at a world-class level under the current Supercars regulation. The growing rallycross fan base wants more such racing with more action and more of their favorite drivers. We look forward to launching the GRC Europe expansion to bring established and rising stars to the GRC Champions Cup event.”

The first demo race of the Platinum class cars will be held at the 2018 Red Bull GRC season finale in Lydden Hill, United Kingdom over the October 27-28 weekend. Announcements will roll out over the next several months with more details on both the GRC Platinum class car and format, along with the GRC Champions Cup. For more details, please contact  or

About Red Bull Global Rallycross
Created to produce the most exciting action in all of motorsport, Red Bull Global Rallycross combines the best elements of stage rally, off-road and circuit racing in a fan-friendly environment. International superstars battle wheel-to-wheel over dirt, gravel, and the series’ signature 70-foot jump. For more information visit

About MJP Racing
MJP Racing has participated in the World Rallycross Championship since 2015 and was the most successful non-manufacturer backed team with Timo Scheider and Kevin Eriksson in 2017. In-house design and production of the GRC Platinum Series vehicle will take place in MJP Racing’s new 65.000 sqft facility in Austria. For more information visit


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