Andrew Jordan and Toomas Heikinnen at WorldRX Events 2018

MJP Racing Team Austria announces today the participation of Andrew Jordan and Toomas Heikinnen at the WorldRX event in Silverstone with its all-new 2018 Ford FIesta LionRX3. Both drivers will be also racing at WorldRX Loheac and Estering.

„It was difficult to decide our involvement in WorldRX 2018 as we would have loved to be there for a whole season,“ says Max Pucher, Team Owner and Principal MJP Racing Team Austria „Andrew and Toomas have proven that they are excellent drivers on a world championship level. For them and all private teams it is difficult to reach sponsors for Rallycross. The dramatically rising cost is one of the reasons. My belief in rallycross as the future of motorsports is unwavering but we will see how cost develops over the next years. I am very happy that I was able to select such great drivers for our new LionRX3 car with its new chassis, suspension, engine and gearbox. Substantial development work and testing went into it and it will be very exciting to see it in WorldRX. It will be tough to compete with the factory teams but it will still be fantastic racing for the fans.“

„I am really grateful that I was selected to drive these three races with the LionRX3 Ford Fiesta,“ says Toomas Heikkinnen, who won GRC in 2013 and has been a firm part of WorldRX since then. „MJP Racing Team Austria have been super competitive since they started to compete in rallycross in 2015. And now it’s pleasure to be part of the team. Our testing has been very satisfying and exciting. We will surprise many rallycross fans, I promise!“

Andrew Jordan has already been driving for MJP Racing in 2017 and despite no opportunity to test he immediately won races and reached the semifinals in Lydden Hill. „I started my racing career in Rallycross in 2005. I have always had a huge passion for the sport and to see how the sport has grown is really impressive. It makes me very proud to be taking part in my home event of the World Championship for a second consecutive year with MJP Racing 2017’s top private Rallycross team. I had a great event at Lydden Hill with them last year, not only was the car very good but the teams capability and attitude was something really special to be a part of.“ Andrew Jordan reminisces. „For WorldRX Silverstone 2018 we will use the new LionRX3 car and we will be challenging at the sharp end of the grid. It is fantastic that I will not only do the Silverstone event but also race in Loheac, France and Estering, Germany. Since I started racing in Rallycross it was always my dream to compete at the best European circuits and now I can’t wait.“

Max Pucher concludes: „I must not only thank my excellent and dedicated team members but our team sponsor Papyrus Software as our long time supporter and partner. We are proud to be part of their success with their new ‚Papyrus Converse‘ application platform and their new headquartes in Austria. Other sponsors like Remus exhausts and Rembrandtin paints have helped us to be successful with their technology solutions.“

About MJP Racing Team Austria:

MJP Racing has been involved in Rallycross since 2014 and WorldRX since 2015. Max Pucher holds eight national and international rallycross championship titles. Top drivers like Timo Scheider made MJP Racing the best private team in 2017. MJP Racing develops top-tier rallycross Supercars and a new international rallycross series for 2019.

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About Papyrus Software:

Papyrus Software offers an end-to-end solution for consolidated inbound and outbound business communication and process management, based on natively integrated standard software components and solution frameworks. More than 2,500 customers worldwide utilize Papyrus products 24/7 to improve customer operations across systems, departments and channels.

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World RX events:

  • May 26/27 Silverstone, Great Britain
  • September 01/02 Lohéac, France
  • October 13/14 Estering, Germany

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