LeMans winner Wurz starts in GRC Europe

Former F1 ace and double LeMans 24h winner Alex Wurz will participate in GRC Europe

Alex Wurz has always been a fan of Rallycross. No surprise, as his father Franz introduced and dominated the sport in his Austrian homeland in the 1970s. Wurz senior even won the European Championship in 1974.

Young Alex accompanied his days to the tracks most of the time and thus was infected with the RX virus at an early age.

“Rallycross is explosive, it’s pure emotion. While driving, you are so focussed, you nearly forget to breathe”, the former Benetton, McLaren and Williams F1 driver describes the sport.

Wurz has agreed to running several events of the inaugural 2019 GRC Europe season.

„I have known CEO Max Pucher for some time and have already racing for him in the World Rallycross Championship. So it was obvious that I would not miss out on the chance to drive the new Pantera RX6 car next year,“ he added.

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