Tamara Molinaro and Reini Sampl to demonstrate Pantera RX6 at the Monza Rally Show

TitansRX stars Tamara Molinaro and Reini Sampl will demonstrate the series’ Pantera RX6 supercar at the Masters’ Show, the final challenge of the Monza Rally Show on Sunday 8 December.

The popular event Monza Rally Show, which has been held since 1978, takes place at the famous Italian Grand Prix venue and attracts some of the biggest names from motorsport the world of motorsport.

More than 55,000 passionate spectators attended the event last year, which was won by MotoGP icon Valentino Rossi – his seventh victory in the event.

For Molinaro, one of the stand-out stars of the inaugural TitansRX season, it will mark the first time she has driven the Pantera RX6 on home soil, making the occasion all-the-more special.

“It’s a dream to drive a rallycross car like our Pantera at the Monza Rally Show,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for our incredible series from a visibility point of view and it will be so much fun for us as drivers, too.”

The event also holds a special place in Molinaro’s heart, being the first event she ever attended, and she’s keen to put on a show for her compatriots.

“Monza Rally Show was the first motorsport event I ever went to, I was one month old in 1997,” Molinaro revealed, “[so] you can be sure I will do donuts until my tyres are completely finished””

For Sampl, it gives the Austrian another major platform to show off his skills behind the wheel.

“The Monza Rally show  is one  of the biggest events and has so many stars and big names from rallying,” he said. “I’m proud to drive the Pantera there. I won’t be looking for the fastest time, going sideways will be the plan at Monza. The spectators will love it for sure!”

TitansRX’s Pantera RX6 Supercar is a purpose-built machine produced by MJP Racing in Austria. The car, powered by a 540 bhp Ford-derived engine delivers comparable performance to top-level rallycross supercars, but at a fraction of the price.

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