Oliver Webb keen to return to TitansRX after missing out on a strong result in Germany

Oliver Webb is keen to return to TitansRX next season after putting in another impressive display at the season finale in Estering, Germany.

The sports car ace, who joined the series initially as a wildcard entrant for the Lydden Hill rounds in July has since made further appearances in Portugal, Austria, and Germany – where he was on course for a strong result until a collision with Andreas Steffen robbed him of a spot in the final.

Webb was running a comfortable second in his semi-final, and looked set to claim a strong starting spot in what would turn out to be an attritional final in round 12 when Steffen hit him from behind at turn two, forcing him to retire.

„It was a little bit frustrating,“ Webb said of the incident. „At Lydden Hill I just missed out on a podium in the final then here – I’m not sure if he had brake failure but I was in for a good slot for the final and Steffen went straight into the back of me,“

„The front of his car was destroyed, the back of mine was destroyed. It’s the hardest I’ve ever been hit in a car to-date and three corners from getting into the final, it’s a real shame, and having seen what the final was like it would have been a nice trophy I think to take home.“



Nevertheless Webb was pleased to put in another strong performance in a discipline that is still new to him.

„In-between Lydden and here [Estering] I’ve not been strong enough, but when it was wet again it’s been back to my style of driving so it’s been good,“ he said. „I think the rain is a good leveller. I’ve got time to find when it’s dry for sure but when it rains I’m right back up there, especially with how delicate I can be on the tarmac.“

Looking ahead to next season Webb’s plans are currently up in the air, but he is keen to return to TitansRX.

„I’ve love it, loved every minute of it [and] I hope to come back for the whole series next year,“ he said. „It’s been so much fun and the atmosphere and the group has been really really good.“


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