Tamara Molinaro on the challenge of switching from rallying to rallycross

TitansRX draws a wide range of drivers from a number of different motorsport disciplines.

One driver taking to rallycross for the first time with TitansRX is Tamara Molinaro. The Italian is a rising star in the world of rallying, but has never raced in rallycross before.

At TitansRX’s recent test event in Austria, Molinaro got her first taste of her new Pantera RX6 racing car, and her first feel for the competition ahead of the new series‘ maiden championship round in Essay, France.

„It’s a completely different world, a completely different car and mindset; there’s basically nothing in common apart from a car with four wheels, that’s it,“ Molinaro said of her transition from rallying to rallycross. „In rallying you have to think through so many things, because it’s more of an endurance sport.

„Even the driving is really different – in both sports you have to be quite gentle, you can’t be too aggressive because you lose time, that’s maybe the thing you have in common, but otherwise it’s completely different.“

Molinaro had a good on track battle with stunt driver Ronny C. Rock at the MJP Arena, and was able to manage her strategy and space on track perfectly, even though she usually races against the clock rather than other cars.

„I know he was faster than me on the laps but I tried to use strategy to try to use all the road so he couldn’t pass me because the time gap was not so big and it’s not easy to overtake,“ she said.

After a positive test event, Molinaro is going into the season confident of being able to turn a strong performance, despite still facing a steep learning curve.

„I’m quite happy and usually I’m really the kind of person that is never happy with the performance so I think with some practice I can be on a good level,“ she said after finishing fourth in the test event final.

„It’s a matter of doing this so the more I do it, the more confident I feel in the car. We managed to win a heat so it wasn’t so bad.“

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