Teng Tools and High Peak join forces with TitansRX

Titans Rallycross Europe has announced two new exciting partnership deals with Teng Tools and High Peak.

Teng Tools will be a vital partner to the series as its official tool supplier, with their unique products helping to keep the fleet of Pantera RX6 racing cars in working order during the intense race weekends.

The brand is a market leader in tool manufacturing, combining Swedish and British design with Taiwanese manufacturing and technology to create products like no other. The company has a range of over 3,500 mechanics hand tools for several industries – including motorsport – and its products are available in over 40 countries worldwide.

„Having been involved in national and international rallycross for many seasons, we know just how exciting and demanding the sport can be,“ said Colin North, Teng Tools‘ sponsorship manager. „Our customers seem to be extremely happy with our tools, proving that our products are up to the job and helping us develop new products and tool storage systems to help with our ‚Get Organised‘ concept.“

In addition to the Teng Tools deal, TitansRX has also aligned with High Peak for the upcoming season.

High Peak, which was founded in 1988, has grown to become a leader in the supply of promotional items in motorsport across Europe and Asia.

„We are happy to have this opportunity and we are looking forward to working with this new exciting series,“ said Sami Eljaala, High Peak’s partner and business area director. „Our expertise in international motorsport events ensures fans’ expectations will be matched.“

The Finnish gift and promotional items company will supply merchandise for the series, including a clothing and accessories range, and will also supply clothing for the series organisers.

„Fan engagement with merchandising and series branding with clothing are essential in motorsport commercialisation today,“ said Atte Varsta, TitansRX’s commercial director. „I am excited High Peak has committed to working with TitansRX, together we will be able to take this area to the next level and offer international brand exposure for series partners through Eurosport.”

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