Csucsu ‘really enjoying’ early days of TitansRX

TitansRX’s recent test event in Austria not only gave fans their first glimpse of the new-for-2019 series, but it also gave a number of drivers their first chance to experience the Pantera RX6 in race conditions.

Csucsu was one of the drivers present in Fuglau, and impressed the gathered crowd by putting on a hugely entertaining display behind the wheel.

The series-specific car left a good impression on Hungarian, who has a wide range of experience across a number of rally and rallycross series.

„It’s a new car but it’s a really fast car, I’m really enjoying driving it, he said. „I totally have to change my driving style – the supercar was the same, but if I find a good way, it’s really fast.“

The test event was unique among top-level motorsport series in that it gave drivers a chance to race before the first round of the season. As well as time behind the wheel, the event also allowed drivers the scope to improve and learn from one another in a way other championships don’t.

„It’s a good idea to have a test like this because we are in the same tent with two other drivers and we can share our thoughts of the car, so now everybody can make faster easier a bit because you have much more data for the car,“ he said. „I look how Timmy (Hansen) is driving with the car and we’re speaking about how to drive and I can change some things on the track and I can see the improvements in the times.“

Another unique element of TitansRX is that every driver competes in the same car, something Csucsu feels will guarantee close racing throughout the field.

„I think it’s a good way to have the same cars for everybody, it much more depends on how you drive and on setups so yes I think the racers will be really close to each other.“

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