Andrew Jordan looking forward to Lydden Hill return in TitansRX

Andrew Jordan is looking forward to taking part in his first full-time rallycross campaign in several years when he joins the TitansRX field at Lydden Hill next month.

Over the last few seasons the multiple junior rallycross title holder’s rallycross opportunities have been restricted to a select few one-off outings in the World Championship, and although he will have to forgo the season opener in Essay due to his commitments racing in the British Touring Car Championship, Jordan will race in every other round of the series this year.

„I’m looking forward to it,“ said the 2013 BTCC champion. „There’s lots of good people doing it, it’s nice to be able to get my teeth into something rather than a one-off round or just a couple of events like I did last year.“

„I won’t have much testing but I’m looking forward to it, it’s nice to get back into it and do it alongside the BTCC (below) and the dates work well.“

Jordan has had minimal running in TitansRX’s PanteraRX6 racing car,  but while he goes into the season with less running than some, he thinks that the series‘ single-make philosophy will prove to be a great leveller and provide close competition.

„It’ll be really interesting that everyone’s in the same car, that’s something I’m really looking forward to,“ he said. „In theory it should be more down to driving, obviously we can do setup stuff but the basis is that they’re all the same cars so I think the racing is going to be really close. The fact that they’re all the same cars excites me a lot.“

The TitansRX calendar takes in some of the most famous rallycross tracks across Europe, including Lydden Hill where rallycross was introduced to the world back in the 1960s.

It’s also the sight of Andrew Jordan’s best World Championship result – in 2014 he became the first Brit to finish on the podium in World RX when he took third place int hat year’s visit to the Kent circuit.

„We’re going to some really iconic rallycross tracks which I’m really looking forward to; I’ve driven at Estering and Lydden Hill obviously but the others I haven’t driven at,“ Jordan said. „I love Lydden Hill. I was there not long ago to do some circuit racing and I just love the whole environment, how you can see everything from anywhere pretty much.“

„It’ll be great to see rallycross cars back there and it holds good memories for me – I did a lot of my early rallycross racing there.“

Although Jordan is racing at almost every event this season, he is keeping his expectations in check, and isn’t expecting to mount a championship challenge. He is however, aiming for wins and podiums.

„I’m not going in there with the view of a championship,“ he admitted. „If we can challenge for some wins now and then, but I have to be realistic, there’s the likes of the Hansens which do rallycross full-time and are at the top of their game, so if I can go in and mix it with them at any point then I’ll be doing well ad we’ll be happy with that.“

„But I think we’ll challenge for podiums and then take it from there,“ Jordan continued. „In a way it’s like a no pressure environment for me, just a bit of fun and we’ll see if we can mix it with some of the best rallycross drivers around.“

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