Kevin Hansen takes series lead with maiden TitansRX win at Lydden Hill

Kevin Hansen put in a masterful performance to claim his maiden TitansRX event victory at Lydden Hill, and with it the lead in the series standings.

The Swede won his semi-final, then led every lap of the final to comfortably beat Timmy Hansen by 5.3 seconds.

Timmy Hansen had a much more eventful run to second. From row two of the grid he quickly found his way past front-row starter Topi Heikkinen, but faced pressure from Andrew Jordan. Jordan was soon passed by Heikkinen at North bend, while Ronny C’Rock also joined the fight for third.

Until the penultimate lap there was an even spread between Timmy Hansen, Heikkinen, Jordan, and Ronny C’Rock in the fight for the final two podium spots, while Kevin Hansen continued to build his gap up front.

On the sixth lap of the seven-lap final Heikkinen made contact with Timmy Hansen but still couldn’t find a way past until the final lap when Heikkinen made a move at Chesson’s Drift. Hansen stayed with the Finn though, and the pair battled side-by-side down the final straight, with Hansen muscling his way through at the penultimate corner.

In the pass Heikkinen was nudged off the racing line, allowing Jordan to sneak through and snatch the final podium position in the final moments of the race.

Ronny C’Rock finished in fifth, less than half a second behind Heikkinen, while Tamara Molinaro, appearing in her second consecutive final, finished sixth, six seconds back.

Among the drivers that missed out on the final, Dan Rooke and Oliver Webb suffered mechanical issues in their semi-final, where both looked set to qualify. Perry McCarthy was in a position to capitalise on his fellow debutante’s misfortune until a power steering failure left him struggling for pace.

In the second semi-final Andreas Steffen had to battle back from a slow start, while a spin for ‚CsuCsu‘ in the first corner on the opening lap took him out of contention almost immediately.


TitansRX round four final results

1. Kevin Hansen 04:59.077
2. Timmy Hansen 05:04.402
3. Andrew Jordan 05:04.642
4. Topi Heikkinen 05:04.965
5. Ronny C’Rock 05:05.415
6. Tamara Molinaro 05:11.479


Series standings after round four

1. Kevin Hansen 89
2. Topi Heikkinen 88
3. Timmy Hansen 81
4. Ronny C’Rock 52
5. Jerome Grosset-Janin 45
6.  Tamara Molinaro 44
7. Andreas Steffen 36
8.  ‘CsuCsu’ 31
9. Hayden Paddon 30
10. Oliver Webb 26
11. Andrew Jordan 23
12. Nelson Piquet Jr. 22
13. Dan Rooke 21
14. Reini Sampl 20
15. Craig Breen 14
16. Perry McCarthy 13
17. Antoine Masse 10
17. Abbie Eaton 7

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