Andrew Jordan pleased with podium after round three setback

Andrew Jordan bounced back from technical difficulties in his TitansRX debut at Lydden Hill to take a hard-fought podium in round four.

The British Touring Car frontrunner battled throughout the final with rounds two and three winner Topi Heikkinen, eventually muscling his way past the Finn in the dying moments of Sunday’s final (pictured below).

„I got to third at the first corner then had a good fight with Topi and he got past me. Then going down there to the last corner I thought ‘do I or don’t I?’,“ Jordan said of his duel with Heikkinen. „As it was he gave me some room and there wasn’t much contact.“

„Once I got underneath him I knew I could just run him into the dirt a little bit and I’d be able to get to the line in front of him.“

Although Jordan is no stranger to rallycross, the majority of his time behind the wheel has taken place on traditional circuits and the 30-year-old admitted that he went into the weekend „a bit green in some race scenarios“.

„Obviously these boys are very experienced, it’s like if they came to touring cars,“ Jordan said. „Yes I’ve don’t it before, it just comes with time and that’s why I’m excited about doing the rest of the year. There’s circuits I haven’t been to but it will be good to gain some experience in terms of rallycross mileage on some of the most iconic circuits.“

The result capped off a strong weekend for Jordan, who felt he had the pace to make the final on both days if he wasn’t held back by mechanical gremlins.

„To get a podium was really cool – my initial aim was to get to the final, because a lot of thee people have been doing a lot of miles in these cars so I’m really happy with it,“ he said. „I think we would have certainly been in the final on Saturday as well, but I really enjoyed the racing.“

Next up for TitansRX is Montalegre, a characterful circuit that Jordan believes with present him with more of a challenge than the familiar Lydden Hill.

„That is a proper rallycross track, certainly the last sector of it, which will take me really out of my comfort zone because you’ve got to get the car rotated fully sideways a long way before the corner and obviously I’m used to just having a little slide here and there,“ Jordan said of Montalegre. „Lydden, obviously I know the circuit but the gravel isn’t that loose, you can still drive the car pretty straight, so I look forward to the challenge of Montalegre.“

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