Positive Perry McCarthy eager to close the gap in Montalegre

Fresh from his impressive motorsport comeback in TitansRX at Lydden Hill, Perry McCarthy is looking to build upon the experience he gained there as the series heads to Portugal.

McCarthy steady built up his speed and confidence at the Kent Circuit, and was on target for a final appearance in round four until a mechanical issue slowed his progress. Now heading to the vastly different Montalegre circuit in northern Portugal, McCarthy is keen to continue learning the art of rallycross.

„From a personal performance level I got a hell of a lot faster at Lydden Hill,“ McCarthy insisted. „I’ve closed the gap enormously – I’m not on the pace of the absolute top boys, but I’ve closed it. So I will be beginning Portugal on that level and then I’ll eke away at closing a little bit more.“

„There is the law of diminishing returns, I might only be able to get a little bit faster, but having now got this under my belt, I’m really understanding that actually I can do this.“



The big thing for McCarthy ahead of his debut at Lydden Hill was confidence, having been away from full-time motorsport for 15 years, but he said that his performance last time out proved he still has what it takes to fight at the sharp end of the field.

„It’s a great confidence thing because I’ve wanted to do this since Max signed me, but there is that nagging doubt ‘can you really do it Perry? You’ve been out for so long, can you really do it?’ and you have to try and stay positive. [But] you’ve got that in your head, but to then start proving that you can is a relief, but it’s also really satisfying.“

„The racing driver is back now,“ McCarthy declared. „The hardest person on me, I guarantee you, is me. I’m looking for more, I’m looking to be faster.“

With McCarthy locked in for the full season, there has been nothing but positivity from the former ‚Stig‘, who has certainly been enjoying his time back behind the wheel.

„I’m standing here with a great big smile on my face just thinking ‘wow, what a great form of racing’,“ he said. „There’s a few things I still need to learn but it’s coming, and to be in for the rest of the season is going to give me the opportunity to certainly grow and have have a lot more fun.“

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