Tamara Molinaro eyeing podiums after mega Montalegre performance

Round five of the 2019 TitansRX season was one to forget for Tamara Molinaro, but round six will be one that she – and everyone else in the paddock – will remember for a long time.

The Italian’s weekend came alive in Q3 of the Sunday event, with her dominating to claim her first heat win in convincing fashion. She then passed Oliver Webb in her semi-final to setup a tantalising battle with boyfriend Craig Breen in the final.

„To be honest I’m still sad that Saturday ended up how it ended up because I know what I can do with some patience and by listening to everyone that gives me suggestions and advice,“ Molinaro said. „I can improve a lot so I’m happy, and I’m even more happy that I ended up in the final and not being last for ages.“

„I could fight with the guys and Craig especially – when I overtook him I was so proud of myself, but I think tonight he will sleep on the sofa because he passed me back again,“ she quipped.

A head-to-head fight between Molinaro and Breen in a main event is something that many have been looking forward to for a while, but none more so than Molinaro, who insisted that all personal feelings go out the window when they get into their cars.

„I think it’s really good fun, even for the people that watch, I think it’s funny to see boyfriend and girlfriend fighting on the racetrack, but we respect eachother and we would never be bad on purpose,“ she said. „I mean, once we are in the race car with the helmet on, it’s sad to say but we are not boyfriend and girlfriend any more but competitors. I respect him as I respect everybody else so it’s a fair competition.“



The impressive end to the weekend not only gave Molinaro a morale boost, but it also rocketed her up the standings – at the halfway point in the season Molinaro sits fifth in points, leading a tight battle for the final spot in the top-five.

„I’m fifth in the championship and if you look at the names in front of me it’s pretty amazing,“ she said. „I still want to try to climb as much as I can, [but] it’s not easy because they have a lot of experience compared to me.“

„Between the races I don’t do anything, I don’t do any other racing sadly because of my budget so I’m really really happy and proud.“

With the magnificent Montalegre performance in the books, Molinaro is looking to continue her progress in the second half of the season and she now has her sights firmly set on the podium positions.

„I always have high expectations to be honest,“ she insisted. „I have a small list in my brain and the last step before the podium was to win a heat. I did it so now I have to tick the other box.“


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