Max Pucher: „We created a track that fits this series perfectly“

TitansRX founder and CEO Max Pucher was thrilled with the outcome of the series’ return to Austria last weekend.

Rounds eight and nine of the 2019 season not only marked the first time the series had raced on ‘home’ soil since the pre-season test event, but it was also the first meeting at the track since it was reconfigured.

The half-kilometre track in Fuglau, which is also owned by Pucher, was modified over the summer with the sweeping section after the first jump changing into a big dirt drift, and a second jump being added to the straight after it – making the MJP Arena the only track in central Europe with two jumps. Numerous safety improvements were also made.

“We really managed to create a track that fits the purpose of this series perfectly,” said Pucher. “Both the first corner and the long drift section that we have afterwards were just the show of the weekend, it was amazing.”

“I’m really happy to find that everything we had planned worked out the way we wanted.”

“For Austrian relationships this was an excellent crowd, too,” he added. “Unfortunately Austria doesn’t have a huge amount of spectators for rallycross at the moment but this was as good as it gets.”

The weekend was also the closest of the weekend in terms of pace, with the entire field being covered by less than a second-and-a-half in the opening practice session.

“Obviously our star drivers keep finding the best slots in the final and finding the wins, but when you look at the other drivers – on Saturday with Hayden being on the podium and Tamara being with them all the way on Sunday was very impressive,” Pucher said. “We’ve seen a lot of different people win in qualifying and I think the field is getting closer.”

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