Tamara Molinaro: „I think I’ve made the step that I needed to do“

Tamara Molinaro enjoyed another strong run at the MJP Arena last weekend, and left the Austrian venue fourth in the points.

The Italian starred at the previous round in Portugal, making the final after a dominant Q3 win and impressive semi-final showing, but she admitted that the weekend in Austria didn’t quite get off to the best of starts.

„I had a really bad feeling on Saturday morning after free practice, I really didn’t feel confident enough to do anything,“ Molinaro admitted. „I didn’t even think that I couldn’t make it into the semi-finals to be honest.“

„I don’t know, it was just one of the those weekends that I managed to turn around, thank god, thanks to little bit of a positive mindset,“ she added. „I started by overtaking Oli Webb in Q1 on Saturday morning and there I kind of realised ‘okay, I can can actually overtake!’ It sounds stupid but it was like a light bulb moment.“

Molinaro started the 2019 TitansRX season with no prior rallycross or even racing experience, having spent all of her career to date on rally stages, but has emerged as one of the strongest drivers in the field behind the dominant title-chasing trio of Kevin and Timmy Hansen, and Topi Heikkinen.

„I think I’ve made the step that I needed to do. I’m starting to overtake and I’ve starting to understand a little bit how rallycross works,“ Molinaro said. „Before I wouldn’t say I was afraid to overtake, but it was new. You have to spend some time behind the wheel of one of these cars before you understand exactly what you have to do.“

„I’m super happy, I’m managing to fight against the likes of Paddon, Jordan, Webb, everybody,“ she continued. „It’s just brilliant, I’m fourth in the points and it couldn’t be better!“


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