Jerome Grosset-Janin: „It’s been emotional for me“

Jerome Grosset-Janin was overjoyed to claim his first international rallycross victory in four years in the penultimate round of the 2019 TitansRX season at Estering.

Twice a podium finisher this season in TitansRX, the Grosset-Janin hasn’t stood on the top step of the rostrum since 2015 when he won the Belgian round of that year’s European Championship.

Grosset-Janin survived a wild race in which four of the six runners retired, with heavy rain over the course of the weekend catching out most of the field.

„It’s been a been a tough race,“ a jubilant Grosset-Janin said after the final. „During the race there are two things: being fast being at the end. I was fast and I was there at the end so I’m very happy about that.“

„It’s been emotional for me, it’s my very first win at this kind of level and I’m happy to have been competing against these guys and I’m happy to win.“

„That is the first thing you need to get the top spot and I think we had the speed too,“ added the Frenchman who initially only joined the series as a wildacard entrant for the season curtain-raiser in Essay. „I had the best lap times in the wet so I went into the final with the confidence to get involved, to race with everybody else.“

Grosset-Janin’s victory marks the first time this season that the dominant trio of Kevin and Timmy Hansen and Topi Heikkinen haven’t won – a fact that he admitted he didn’t know, but he was thrilled to be joining an exclusive club alongside the three World-level race winners.

„They’re three world-class drivers and being part of this group of winners today is something very enjoyable,“ he said. „It’s a hard competition, TitansRX has been made for this kind of tough racing and to get the enjoyment of every driver so I am quite happy to keep them out of this.“

„It’s a very good feeling and I’m very happy and very thankful for everyone that made this happen.“

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