How the 2019 TitansRX title can be won

TitansRX’s inaugural series winner will be crowned later today at Estering in Germany. Three drivers came into the double points weekend with a chance at claiming the top spot.

Ahead of round 12’s final, here’s what each of the three title-chasing drivers needs to do do this afternoon to emerge victorious:


Kevin Hansen – 3 wins

Kevin Hansen holds the advantage, leading the series after 11 rounds by 14 points. If he finishes on the podium, regardless of where Topi Heikkinen or Timmy Hansen finishes, he will be series winner. There’s a good chance of that happening, too, because he is the only driver to finish on the rostrum in every single race this season.


Topi Heikkinen – 3 wins

Heikkinen must win with Timmy Hansen in second and Kevin Hansen at least fifth to secure the title. If Kevin Hansen finishes fourth with Heikkinen winning, the pair will draw equal on points, but the title will be awarded to Heikkinen by virtue of his greater wins record.


Timmy Hansen – 4 wins

Timmy Hansen is another driver who must win to take the crown. Even though he has the most wins of all of the top-three drivers, poor luck has led to him finishing off the podium three times, including a semi-final exit in the season opener.

If he wins a record fifth win, he needs Kevin Hansen to finish a lowly fifth to emerge on top.


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