Kevin Eriksson: „I really wanted to win“

Kevin Eriksson joined the TitansRX field for its final two rounds at Estering in Germany and immediately set about disrupting the competitive order.

The Swede, a winner at the track in World Rallycross, was a constant threat to the title-chasing trio a the front of the field, but ultimately came up short in a bid for a debut win.

„I had fun, the top guys up there are quick guys and we had fun battles so it was a lot of fun racing with Kevin, Timmy, and Topi especially and also the other people; getting to learn new rules, [a] new concept of everything, a new car, so it was an uphill two days but I felt pretty at home quickly,“ Eriksson said of his maiden TitansRX outing. „I really wanted to win so it was a shame that I had some problem with my wipers and they got stuck.“

After a collision forced him to retire from the round 11 final, Eriksson had a much better time in the final race of the season, ending up on the podium, but he feels that had his visibility not been obscured in the poor weather conditions he could’ve finished even higher up the order.

„The first line is famous for having a lot of water so there was aquaplaning after a bit and I came out as P4,“ he said. „It felt good anyway then the wiper stuck and I was thinking ‚where should I stop?‘ but I carried on to try and I tried to follow Timmy’s brakes and rain lights and we went for a while then all of a sudden I was second and I got some rain on the windscreen so I could see a little bit more.“

„I was trying to catch Kevin but the last couple of laps where I really felt like I could do something I got into hit dirt spray and once again I didn’t see anything so it was such a shame but I had a lot of fun and I’m grateful for the opportunity.“



Overall Eriksson, who has competed in the at World and European level, as well as in the Nordic and American championships, was impressed with TitansRX and has left the door open to future outings in the series.

„It was fun to end a year driving a race like this, I love this race track so I couldn’t say no,“ he said. „I always said I like concepts with spec cars and I still do. It should be the driver that makes the difference, not how much money you have or what car you’re in.“

„I don’t have anything planned for next year, I’m looking at options,“ Eriksson added. „I’m not going to do anything just because I need to, I want it to feel that it’s fun and I feel happy doing and kind of have a purpose to do it.“


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